The Activist Lab

The Activist Lab is a unique tool designed by the Activist Hive to inspire and improve the work of civil society activists, and enable them to connect and collaborate creatively around vital local issues. During a facilitated co-creation workshop, activists from different backgrounds come together to interact, network, exchange good practices and develop innovative and concrete actions around a priority issue determined in advance. Activist are supported by an ensemble of experts from outside the traditional peacebuilding field, “unusual suspects” whose involvement guarantees a fresh perspective, new energy, and the novel application of skills. Concepts for concrete actions produced during the Activist Lab are elaborated into practical projects embedded in long(er) term existing strategies from local and international organizations.

Lab Mitrovica 2016:  Our Bridge, Our City

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Lab Beirut 2015: Public Space and Activism


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Activist Lab 2014: Beirut


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