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Adopt a Revolution


Do you want to support Syrian activists? Visit Adopt a Revolution and find out how!

Adopt a Revolution is a crowdfunding campaign to support nonviolent activism in Syria. For more than three years, Syrian activists keep protesting for human rights and freedom under the risk of their lives. They organise themselves in local committees to offer a real alternative to civil war and military intervention. The activists supported by Adopt a Revolution do not only fight dictatorships, but also the violence provoked by armed groups. Despite all the violence they do not give up hope, as they still believe in a better future. As a matter of fact: they are working on it now and they need your help.  And all they need is strenghth and solidarity!

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That is a terrible plan, let’s do it!

“At one point you hit an idea that everybody will burst out laughing, and than go: ‘This is terrible, we can’t do that’ That is the idea you have to do! The one that is so terrible that you can’t do it. That is often the one you have to do.”

In this video Andy Bichlbaum from the world-famous The Yes Men explains why you shouldn’t be afraid of companies taking vengeance when you make fun of them.

The Yes Men from the United States have already embarassed some major corporations with their anarchist and subversive activism. One of their creative methods of nonviolent resistance is to deliverately mislead the mainstream meadia. Group members like to adopt certain roles of representatives of international corporations and to caricature their goals in conferences exaggerating with their claims. They refer to this method as “identity correction”.



Celebrate your success!

How do you build up a broad movement? “No matter how small your victories are, there’s nothing more infectious than success.” In this video John Jackson gives useful tips on how to motivate people to join your movement.

Since more than two decades John Jackson organizes and promotes campaigns on human rights, economic justice, antipersonnel landmines, HIV/AIDS, and climate change. Together with Steve Crawshaw he wrote the book “Small Acts of Resistance“, a collection of stories that show how courage, perseverance and ingenuity can change the world. He has conducted research in a number of conflict areas in Asia and as vice president of social responsibility for MTV Networks International he currently develops worldwide campaigns.

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How to protest without Violence?

How to protest without using violence?  Non-profit organization created a video explaining this  in 13 steps.

‘For your protest to succeed, you need passion — but don’t let your passion reach a boiling point. Keep your protest peaceful, and you’ll achieve better results.’

Find out how to protest without violence —> watch the video on Howcast




Everyday Rebellion

Everyday Rebellion publishes tips and tricks on how to protests nonviolent. For instance, at this moment the vimeo channel consists of of 190 films, and on the website 21 methods of nonviolent action are displayed. Check it out!
Everyday Rebellion is a tribute to the creativity of the nonviolent resistance. The project studies the consequences of a modern and rapidly changing society where new forms of protest to challenge the power of dictatorships and sometimes also global corporations are invented everyday. Everyday Rebellion wants to give voice to all those who decide not to use violence to try changing a violent system.

Skills above conditions


Conditions are important for planning, but what really makes a change are skills!


Srdja Popovic is a cofounder and key figure of the Serbian resistance movement “Otpor!”, that helped topple Slobodan Milosevic in a non-violent way in 2000. See more at:
Source: everydayrebellion

Meet Ali

Ali Sahib

Ali Sahib (33 years) is one of the ambassadors of PAX’s Kulluna Muwatinun (‘We Are All Citizens’) program in the Samawa-province in Iraq, and as an activist specialized in peace and nonviolent protest. He holds a Master Degree in Human Rights from the Arab University for Human Rights and Nonviolence in Beirut, and currently resides in Muthanna (Samawa-province). Ali regularly provides free lectures in the Muthanna University and Al Sadek University on Human Rights. He supports campaigns to build a new peaceful Iraq and has recently been involved in offering assistance in refugee camps in Northern Iraq.

His main aim is to educate people about minority rights, since the division between the different sectarian groups are still very present. Ali himself belongs to the Shia community, the majority in Iraq and especially in the southern part of the country. Due to a lack of good education and upbringing many people are very biased towards other ethnic/religious communities, which causes stereotyping, conflict and violation of human rights. Ali wants to inform people, and mainly the people from his own Shia community, that one’s identity is not terminated by religion or ethnic background. From organizing theater plays for young children to attending United Nation’s forums on Minority Rights, Ali wants to create an equal approach towards Iraqi citizens on every level.

Meet Zuhair


Zuhair Lazgeen (26 years) is the citizenship ambassador of PAX Kulluna Muwatinun program in Dohuk, and has been actively involved in humanitarian assistance for Yezidi refugees. Zuhair lives in the village of Shariya, south of Dohuk. Shariya is a village which has received thousands of Yezidis escaping and rescued from Sinjar. Zuhair holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and is an activist in Human Rights and Minority Rights.


Zuhair works as a coordinator in Harikar, a nongovernemental organisation that benefits refugees and displaced people settled across the Dohuk-province. During the last month, he has been an active volunteer organizing emergency support in Shariya. He has been coordinating with media and UN-people to bring out information he was receiving from people in Sinjar and people kidnapped by IS, documenting what happened through writing reports, linking with young people to mobilize Yezidi youth in Shariya.